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Gamification: Screenshot of the fantasy, medieval game, Skyrim 0

Gamification: Steampunk & Gaming Trends in Education

GAMIFICATION: Steampunk & Gaming Trends in Education I find gaming trends (specifically, gamification) hugely interesting. But before I go any further, it’s important not to think of gaming as mindless blood & guts violence,...

National Arts Festival wrap-up 0

National Arts Festival wrap-up

National Arts Festival: Attendance, the Village Green, the affects of the recession, daily sightings, two shows and a pizza place

Dancing for Humanity 1

Dancing for Humanity

The video Where the Hell is Matt? has seen over 21 million views to date, so you’re likely to have seen it before

General Knowledge Enhancers 4

General Knowledge Enhancers

General knowledge enhancers: Did You Know facts regarding entertainment, food and drink, vehicles, numbers, language and famous people

The 20th Splashy Fen (videos) 2

The 20th Splashy Fen (videos)

THE 20th Splashy Fen came and went in a drum-beat and proved to be one of the best ones yet. The crowd of festival goers ranged from metal-studded Goths to colourfully-clad hippies, whose Splashy spirits remained high whether they were jiving to a great South African band or chilling down by the riverside.

A pilgrimage of dance 2

A pilgrimage of dance

VIDEO: Ancient Southern Indian temple dancers recorded in stone at sacred temples come to life as award winning dancer – Dr Anita Shanmuganathan and her team of husband and wife perform in front of the High Commissioner of India and other distinguished guests in an event held in Durban. Dr Anita Shanmuganathan earned a National Award for Best Dancer in India as well as the Tamil title “Bharatanatya Pracharamani” in 2002. Today she is one of the world’s most renowned spiritual dancers.

Bryan Crumpler: Memorial Concerto No.2 0

Bryan Crumpler: Memorial Concerto No.2

VIDEO: Interview with Bryan Crumpler. Bryan Crumpler was destined to be a football player until he was given an old clarinet as a gift at age 12. He took to the instrument with an open breath and has since performed all over the world, as well as for royalty – including the king and queen of Belgium.