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Vapor4Life Titan Ultimate Starter Kit 0

Vapor4Life Electronic Cigarette

V4L e-cigarettes are not only long lasting but super stylish. Vapor4Life offers seven levels of nicotine and an impressive 150+ flavours to choose from

Samsung R610 notebook 1

Samsung Galaxy Note Review

I watched a video recently where someone tried to scratch their Samsung smartphone screen with a penknife (violently)


Teen Dream Machine

The S3650 Corby will appeal to youngsters that are keen on technology and consider themselves as active social networkers

VenTribe – The New Great Group Gifting Platform 0

VenTribe – The New Great Group Gifting Platform

Ventribe is a group gifting platform that allows friends to come together online and give a gift to a chosen recipient as a group. Traditionally, this process has always taken place offline. Now, there is a simple, secure, all-in-one place that this can happen

Garmin Oregon 450 Interface 0

Garmin Oregon 450 Review

The Oregon 450 is your GPS guide on and off the beaten track. It features a tri-axial compass and barometric altimeter and is a very well priced GPS device

The Apple of my iPad 3

The Apple of my iPad

IPAD REVIEW: Techsperts say the biggest downfall of the Apple iPad is that it is trying to be the best at everything and failing to be the best at any one thing