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Dear World Leaders 3

Dear World Leaders

Dear World Leaders, Could you ever take the life of another human being? What would it take for you to kill someone?

Debunking Xenophobia 3

Debunking Xenophobia

Thieving blacks, kaffirs, intruders and aliens are a few of the phrases you might find in South African discourse

Open Education 2

In Support of Open Education

I have a dream – an idea for an open education system which I often bring up in discussion. I encourage whomever is willing to listen to play devil’s advocate

Beauty and the Beach 0

Beauty and the Beach

On the beach much is revealed. One might realise that beneath our seductive garments we all have blemishes and spots; birthmarks or scars

Why South Africans are Great 2

Why South Africans are Great!

PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN: Doing good deeds since 1994. hank you fellow South African stranger! You have strengthened my faith in humanity