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Why Chinese Tech Brands Flocked To The Euro 2020?

This year the Euro 2020 competitions took an unexpected turn, with Italy claiming victory over England through penalty shootouts last weekend. However, almost every time that matches were staged across Europe, we saw digital...

PR Agency in Cape Town 0

A New PR Agency in Cape Town Making Waves

Lauren Shantall (Pty) Ltd is a young and blossoming PR Agency in Cape Town that is a perfect example of a company adapting to the ever-changing ways that we do business in South Africa....

Samsung Dive South Africa 2

Samsung Dive Now Available in South Africa

As Smartphones become ever increasingly sophisticated, more and more personal information is stored on them, and the loss of a phone can be far more than just an inconvenience. It is with this in mind that Samsung has launched Samsung Dive.

JCSE - Prof Barry MIT Entrepreneurship Programme 0

MIT AITI: First Google and MIT Entrepreneurship Programme

MIT AITI 2013: Accelerating IT Innovation The Joburg Centre of Software Engineering (JCSE) at Wits University has successfully hosted an entrepreneurship-training programme presented by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and funded internationally by...

How is My Drive Website 0

How is My Drive?

How is My strives to improve road safety and provides valuable feedback to drivers and road users Every year approximately 14 000 people lose their lives in road traffic related accidents and thousands...


FNB – How Can We Annoy You?

FNB – How Can We Annoy You? It took 37 days in total to get a replacement bank card from FNB. It required 4 visits to the bank and a visit to the police station

COPpuccino videos at COP17 0

COPpuccino videos at COP17

These 6min video interviews feature world-class experts on sustainability sharing their thoughts and insight on COP17

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Since a landline is not required for ADSL connectivity, Naked ADSL calls for Telkom to unbundle landlines from ADSL lines

Boiling like frogs in the bath 1

Boiling like frogs in the bath

Only acting after the shit squarely hits the fan and the sea levels are on our doorsteps, seems to be the consistent tale of humanity

Who killed Internet Explorer 6? 0

Who killed Internet Explorer 6?

IE9 has been launched and the masterful minds at Microsoft have devised a very clever marketing campaign called “Who killed IE6?”