A pilgrimage of dance

VIDEO: A Pilgrimage of Dance in Durban

ANCIENT Southern Indian temple dancers recorded in stone at sacred temples come to life as award winning dancer – Dr Anita Shanmuganathan and her team of husband and wife perform in front of the High Commissioner of India and other distinguished guests in an event held in Durban.

This is my latest video on Southern Indian spiritual dancing called A Pilgrimage of Dance, which is a rather colourful and cultural piece. Dr Anita Shanmuganathan earned a National Award for Best Dancer in India as well as the Tamil title “Bharatanatya Pracharamani” in 2002. Today she is one of the world’s most renowned spiritual dancers.

A Pilgrimage of Dance


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  1. Anjali says:

    thanks for sharing this video.

  2. You’re most welcome Anjali. It was really beautiful to watch :)

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