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Edgar Mueller 3D Street Art

The great Edgar Mueller is a master 3D street artist who uses chalk as his pain and the street as his canvas

Carnivorous Pencil Plant 6

Pencil Sculptures

Remember pencils? Those strange, forgotten instruments of education that we used to prick the behinds of our friends with? Pencil Art is

Naked Human Art - Human Peppers 2

Naked Human Art

Getting naked in the name of Art. The human body contains every shape found in nature. The following images illustrate this well


Clever Street Art

When it comes to 3D street art there is really no greater artist with more street cred than Edgar Mueller

pumpkin carvings for halloween Zip Skull Pumpkin Carving (image 1

Amazing Halloween Pumpkin Carvings

As the month of the pumpkin draws near once again, you might like to know who went ‘all out’ last Halloween. These Halloween pumpkin carvings are amazing