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Weaver Online Dating 6

Weaver – A New Social Group Dating Initiative

WEAVER: Online Dating for Young Professionals Weaver – a new social community for young professionals looking to meet new people, was recently launched in South Africa. The Weaver founders are 26yr olds Andrew Lynch...

How is My Drive Website 0

How is My Drive?

How is My Drive.co.za strives to improve road safety and provides valuable feedback to drivers and road users Every year approximately 14 000 people lose their lives in road traffic related accidents and thousands...

Debunking Xenophobia 3

Debunking Xenophobia

Thieving blacks, kaffirs, intruders and aliens are a few of the phrases you might find in South African discourse

Verstaan Jy Rugby? 4

Verstaan Jy Rugby?

This is clearly just an innocent sack of balls minding it’s own business. However, in Afrikaans a “balsak” is used as a derogatory term