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Why men die before women 7

Why Men Die Before Women

Statistically the average woman lives 22.6% longer than the average man


A keyboard for men

LOL: A keyboard for men. The only two keys you’ll ever need – music and porn


SA’s Bad Boys

What you gonna do when they come for you?

Fail 3

My Greatest Failures

The phrase Fail is becoming commonplace in today’s western world, just as STD has. I found an interesting account of its origin

Madam & Eve South African Olympic Events 1 0

Madam & Eve South African Olympic Events

The creators of Madam & Eve have come up with their version of South African Olympic Events – featuring epic feats of endurance, such as The Limpopo Textbook Toss, the 200m Pothole Hurdles and the 4 x 100 Million Government Tender Relay!

For the love of Africa 1

For the love of Africa

There are some things in this world that you will only see in Africa. Here are some “only in Africa”pics

Tiger Woods Shark 2

Tiger shark

TIGER WOODS: A shark in the water … that can play golf. Tiger Woods the Tiger Shark lies in wait as innocent passers by