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Why South Africans are Great 2

Why South Africans are Great!

PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN: Doing good deeds since 1994. hank you fellow South African stranger! You have strengthened my faith in humanity

Claire Johnston: Back in the Groove 2

Claire Johnston: Back in the Groove

VIDEO: Interview with Mango Groove’s Claire Johnston. Wearing a funky tartan cap, the famous blonde singer

World Cup 2010 logo 4

Shine South Africa for 2010

Today we have more reason than ever to be proudly South African. We have amazing sportsmen and women, unique wildlife

For the love of Africa 1

For the love of Africa

There are some things in this world that you will only see in Africa. Here are some “only in Africa”pics


Proudly South African Video

My hope is that this proudly South African video will give new vigor to what it means to be South African & will make foreigners to our shores feel welcome