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Dear World Leaders 3

Dear World Leaders

Dear World Leaders, Could you ever take the life of another human being? What would it take for you to kill someone?

Debunking Xenophobia 3

Debunking Xenophobia

Thieving blacks, kaffirs, intruders and aliens are a few of the phrases you might find in South African discourse

Beauty and the Beach 0

Beauty and the Beach

On the beach much is revealed. One might realise that beneath our seductive garments we all have blemishes and spots; birthmarks or scars

People, the media and the death of Osama bin Laden 1

People, the media and the death of Osama bin Laden

Within moments, a media blitz ran across virtually all television networks in what could only be described as a grotesque celebratory display, reflective of a level of emotional immaturity that borders on cultural psychosis. Depictions of people running through the streets of New York and Washington chanting jingoistic American slogans, waving their flags like the members of some cult, praising the death of another human being, reveals yet another layer of this sickness we call modern society.