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Why men die before women 7

Why Men Die Before Women

Statistically the average woman lives 22.6% longer than the average man

Reasons not to mess with nature 3

Reasons not to mess with nature

I’m sure we’ve all experienced cases of “nature gone mad”. While some fauna does tend to wait for the most opportune moment to attack


A keyboard for men

LOL: A keyboard for men. The only two keys you’ll ever need – music and porn

Suitcase Stickers for Smugglers 0

Suitcase Stickers for Smugglers

You can probably tell a lot about a person by their luggage and what is glued to it. Below are some fantastic suitcase stickers

When photo terrorists attack 3

When photo terrorists attack

A collection of funny photo terrorist moments. Photo bombing is the art of ruining a photograph by either jumping in at the last minute

Happy Friday Drunkovision 1

Happy Friday Drunkovision

Drunk-o-vision is a pretty straight-forward concept. The pictures below by College Humour illustrate how things may appear when boozed

How Fairy Tales Really End 0

How Fairy Tales Really End

What would happen in these fairly tales in the real world: Aladin, Beauty & the Beast, Sleeping Beauty and the Little Mermaid