Suitcase Stickers for Smugglers

SUITCASE STICKERS: The strange and the dangerous but super awesome

I’M always envious of those peeps at the airport with weather-beaten suitcases; the bags that are adorned with flags or memorabilia of all their traveling achievements. My tattered bag usually follows along the luggage line – a fibrous black embarrassment that I’ve had since my school days.

You can probably tell a lot about a person by their luggage and what is glued to it. Below are the sorts of stickers I’d like to decorate my suitcase with. They’re great inspiration for aspiring smugglers. They may get you into hot water at the airport, but the reactions you’ll get should be priceless and might just be worth it.

Suitcase Stickers for Smugglers

Cocaine suitcase sticker

Suitcase Stickers for Smugglers

Trapped woman suitcase sticker

Suitcase Stickers for Smugglers

Drug money suitcase sticker

Suitcase Stickers for Smugglers

Sex addict's suitcase sticker

This last one probably won’t get you in too much trouble. The others might see you locked in solitary confinement until questioning. It would be cool if the trapped woman sticker moved around somehow. That would really make people freak!

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