Playing with fancy food

FUNNY FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Magically manipulated foodstuffs

I never play with my food. I used to find it more fun to dunk my face in a plate of grub rather than try and make words using Alphabetti Spaghetti. But there are some creative people out there who have been playing with funny foodstuffs and have produced some really fun and tasty artworks. check em out:

Fun Food: Banana Nookie

Banana nookie

Betty began to wonder if Bob had worn a banana peel that night…

Funny Foodstuffs: Apple Pirate

Apple Pirate

Don’t mess with them bad apples

Phun Food: Onion Slide

Onion slide

A grater-slide seemed like a good idea at the time…

Funny Foodstuffs: Evil Egg Heads

Evil Egg Heads

Eggbert couldn’t believe that racism still prevailed in the 21st century

Sweet & Sour

Sweet & Sour

Leonard the lemon had a sour reaction to Sweet Sally’s kiss

Funny Foodstuffs: Kinky Kiwi

Kiwi shave

“dum dee da, got a hot date; need to look my best; dum dee da”

Fun Food: Banana Flasher

Banana Flasher

“Hey ladies! How about the three of us make a fruit cocktail?”

Funny Foodstuffs: Holiday Eggs

Holiday Eggs

“Say Eggna, do you smell breakfast?”

Fun Food: Drunk Pumpkin

Drunk Pumpkin

Paul the Pumpkin’s bachelor party suddenly went pear-shaped

Funny Foodstuffs: Death by Dairy

Dairy Death

“Well Kevin, it’s pretty clear that Callum was milked to death”

Weren’t those simply precious? Who ever thought that food could be so fun :)
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