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A whiff of the modern cellphone 0

A Whiff of the Modern Cellphone

The Health Concept Phone (pictured) is equipped with eNose technology, which effectively allows it to electronically “smell”

Samsung Dive South Africa 2

Samsung Dive Now Available in South Africa

As Smartphones become ever increasingly sophisticated, more and more personal information is stored on them, and the loss of a phone can be far more than just an inconvenience. It is with this in mind that Samsung has launched Samsung Dive.

Samsung R610 notebook 1

Samsung Galaxy Note Review

I watched a video recently where someone tried to scratch their Samsung smartphone screen with a penknife (violently)


Jet-setting with the Samsung Jet

Samsung Jet and its innovative smartphone-like features take handsets to the realms of being “smarter than a smartphone”


Teen Dream Machine

The S3650 Corby will appeal to youngsters that are keen on technology and consider themselves as active social networkers

Weird Wired World 0

Weird Wired World

Shinto holds that nearly every object in the world, animate or inanimate, has a spiritual essence, even a laptop


First Android Phone in SA

The HTC Dream gives users one-touch access to their favourite Google products such as Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail