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EMOTICONS: All the smileys you’ll ever need to know

I was chatting to an old friend on Facebook the other night who astounded me with her great forte of smiley faces. She smooched, she winked and even stuck her tongue out at me. No jokes. It was then that I realised I should have asked the girl out while she was still in the country and before she became a high-profile model who is now plastered all over the covers of some very tasteful magazines… Bugger.

Anyway, after this little cyber-encounter, my thirst to learn new things came to the fore, and I spent a good few minutes of my life learning how to create every single smiley (emoticon) possible, ever – all in the hopes that I may one day be ‘cool’ and make some new friends.

So here they are in a very particular order. Use them to impress the geekier members of the opposite sex, or to scare the b’jeezus out of granny – who is perhaps still getting to grips with how her email works.

The following smiley faces work on Facebook chat:
:) Smiley face: The one we all know and love – the traditional smiley face.

:( Sad/frowny face: Not too cheerful but easy to do.

;) Winking smiley face: A little more advanced but easy enough.

:D Grinning/laughing face: One of my personal favourites : + D

:| Angry face (apparently): Use to illustrate “grrrr” emotions : + |

:P Sticking out tongue face: Use when you slip up and say something lame, or when you want to be sexy in a wierd way : + P

Apparently the first 6 (above) work on wordpress (cutline theme) too. Here are some more:
:/   Skeptical face: Use when someone else says something lame.
:O   Surprised/shocked face: Use to show surprise or horror!
:’(   Crying face: Boo hoo.
-_- Sleeping face: This one looks more happy than bored.
B)   Cool face (with sunglasses): Another favourite. Use when being ‘cool’
:3   Wtf face: One I refer to as “tequila face” as looks a bit like the face of someone who has just chased a tequila shot with a sour piece of lemon. A little weird looking though.
o.O Confused face: Use when hung-over and don’t know wtf people are saying.
:*   Smooching face: One for the ladies (and alternative life-style men). This one was used a lot on me last night. ;)

These smiley faces work for AIM, AOL, MSN and Yahoo messenger:
:-<   Really sad.
:>     Say what?
:-r    Sticking tongue out.
:-V   Shouting!

The following smileys are for really advanced users:
:-*    Oops!
\-o   Bored

Apparently you can also create your very own smileys using programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. I didn’t try this though. I have a life you know.

Anyway, don’t say you didn’t learn anything today! (Or if you didn’t and are the smiley face master, please share with us how to create any others).

Happy Friday! :D

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  1. Jords says:

    Hahaha what cack!! This “model” doesnt use smiley faces!

  2. Galen Schultz says:

    Wow, a comment from THE Jordan Leschinsky herself! Lol, come now Jords, don’t deny winking at me that one time ;)

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