Product ideas that could have made you a fortune

INVENTION: Light bulb moments that could have (or may) make millions

ADVERTISING is an interesting field in the evolution of human society. Adverts have the power to play on our wants and desires subtly and subconsciously, and can effectively make use buy things we really don’t need.

I love a good and clever advert. I often find myself studying their techniques rather than focusing on what they’re trying to sell. However, as clever and intuitive as advertisers may be, the truth is that no one really knows what will sell.

I’m sure we’ve all had great invention ideas that might have made us filthy rich at some stage in our lives. Mine is being able to phone your keys when you lose them. As far as I know, this could be achieved by simply installing a SIM card and speaker into your key bundle. It’s only function would be to ring whenever the assigned number is called. Wouldn’t that be bliss?

If you are the inventive type please feel free to steal my idea and make your millions. I won’t press charges. I’m fairly certain that something like this doesn’t exist on the market yet else we’d all be phoning our keys from time to time.

Otherwise here are some other product ideas that could have made you (or someone) a fortune. Most of them are quite practical and I’m sure many have actually made it to the shelves. I just wish we could find them locally. Enjoy!

Invention ideas that could have made you millions

Tape measure belt

Pillow with arm hole

Pizza Scissors

Couple's umbrella

Stair shoe drawer

Toilet Chair

Bottle Opener Remote

Self-locking bendy bike

Microphone shower sponge

Flower Power

Bachelor's drinks pourer

Double bed measure

Sauce dispensing chopsticks

Anti-fail waiter tray

Finger Guard 3000

Camera holder

Spring bed

Car swivel chair

Anti-spill keyboard tray

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