How to make an instant cappuccino

COFFEE: Shake your coffee into an instant cappuccino!

HANGING around the designated coffee area at work today (as one does) and chatting up the cute girl from accounts, a little birdie flew through the window and landed on my shoulder. “Do you want to know how to make your coffee more like a cappuccino?” he twittered pleasantly. “Sure! I love doughnuts!” my Monday morning brain managed to articulate. “Pick a milk carton that’s nearly empty and give it a really good shake!” he advised in a cheerful manner.

I eagerly grabbed the nearest milk carton and proceeded to shake it vigorously with my squash arm – not realising that the lid wasn’t screwed on properly and ended up spashing a bit of it on the cute girl from accounts. But I must say that I was more than satisfied with the results, even if Angela was a little peeved getting soon-to-be sour milk droplets on her possibly new top.

But try it! Shake the shyte out of that milk before pouring it into your cup of Nescafe to enjoy a foamy cappuccino. (I find it works best to shake full cream milk and I’m sure one could take it a step further by adding some chocolate sprinkles or something fancy on top. Whatever floats your boat. I don’t judge).

Your cappuccino should look something like the above, unless of course you have a Barney the dinosaur mug or something.

So that’s just a little something to take with you and make your Monday that little extra bit special. Shake your coffee into an instant cappuccino today! I’m all about sharing. I’m off to continue spreading the joy.

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5 Responses

  1. Lizzie Gaisford says:

    Fantastic! Milk with the shyte shaken out of it on top of a mug of milo takes the magic a step further. Thanks for the bruinwave =)

  2. Mags says:

    Another tip: Put sugar & coffee granules in mug/cup. Add just enough hot water to slightly moisten – less than a teaspoon, it should be quite sticky. Then stir/beat the bejabbers out of it, till it gets creamy appearance. Add your boiling water, dash of milk & voila. Student’s cappuccino!

  3. Galen Schultz says:

    @Mags: I just tried out your technique; however, I failed to dissolve the granular mixture properly and swallowed a neat lump of sugary coffee as a result! It took them 15 minutes to get me off the roof! Thorough stirring, and a combination of the above techniques, is advised…

  4. Mags says:

    Oh dear! :-( Sorry about that – assumed you would automatically stir – you’re a journalist dammit! :-) I’ve heard of death by chocolate, now asphyxiation by mags cappuccino. Just when I was going advise adding vanilla ice cream if you run out of milk (really lush) Avoid rum & raisin, raspberry ripple etc, too lumpy or if you’re short on sugar try maple syrup…

  5. Galen Schultz says:

    I do seem to be lacking in my stirring ability. Maybe I can find evening classes to attend for that? ;)

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