How to make 3D glasses

HOW TO MAKE 3D GLASSES: A step by step guide to making your very own pair

This is a very simple guide on how to make 3D glasses (red/blue 3D glasses). Unfortunately high-end 3D specs don’t come cheap. I managed to find an entry level pair in the UK for R214. These do the job but don’t always offer the best results for your money. Far better to make a cheap pair for free! Here’s how to do it.

  1. How to make 3D glasses - red/blue 3D glassesYou’ll need some cardboard, some red and blue “gels” or cellophane (this is usually available at art and photography shops), a ruler, some scissors, a scalpel (or card cutting device) and a few blobs of glue (preferably contact).
  2. For the frames, fold the card in half and cut a rectangle as wide as your head. This should also be twice as deep as your eyes. When that’s sufficiently sliced, create some appropriately-sized eyeholes.
  3. Cut each gel into a square slightly larger than the eyeholes. You’ll also need to cut two long trips of card (about 2cm wide) for the frame’s arms.
  4. Open up the frames and glue the lenses on the inside – with the red lens on the right and the blue over the left eyehole. Glue about 1cm of each arm on the sides and seal like a sandwich.
  5. Fold and trim the arms and carve suitable shapes for your eyes and nose.
  6. Start watching 3D videos! Here’s a list of 3D YouTube videos.

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6 Responses

  1. Jude Mathurine says:

    Or you could just hang on to your pair the next time you visit the Gateway 3D theatre

  2. Galen Schultz says:

    Keen 8-)

  3. ERiC-KiRSTEN says:

    Exlore 3D, like never B4!

    Have a look at the biggest range of 3D Spex in the country (SA), there is something to suit everybody’s pockets, needs & tastes.

    Please click link below & see for yourself?

  4. ERiC-KiRSTEN says:

    By the way, cellophane does NOT work & scratch free, undamaged gel is very difficult to find?

  5. Galen says:

    Maybe not cellophane per say, but what are the lenses of those cheap cardboard 3D glasses made from then?

  6. ERiC-KiRSTEN says:

    The Chinese use an low grade gel which they make themselves, its not fireproof & much thinner, so its much cheaper. If u inspect the Cosmo spex from October issue, u will see they seem somewhat hazy. The colours are also nowhere as dense as the proper stage gels from Italy.

    I also manufacture locally, using the Italian Gel only & I must buy an entire roll, as to ensure I get it without scratches, dents & scuffs. R5,000 p/roll (even then, we wear micro fibre gloves & it still gets slightly scuffed, during the cutting process)

    If u buy stage gel at any lighting/hire company, its usually used for lighting & they don’t care about scratches, as it does not matter when filtering lights only. They handle the rolls pretty rough & its usually scratched & dented, within a few days after opening.

    “Quality Street” wrappers, have a good colour density, but none of the colours they use match either + they always badly creased from the wrapping.

    I sell A4 sheets of gel if required & also various complete 3D spex..

    See link below

    ERiC 084-374-7444

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