The Mudman challenge

OUTDOOR SPORT: The aQuella Mudman Challenge

IF you’re the outdoorsy-sportsy-fun-loving type and live in the greater Pietermaritzburg area or somewhere close by, there’s a great event taking place this weekend at the very aesthetically pleasing Albert Falls dam.

It’s called the aQuella Mudman, which is a triathlon type event for the whole family. It consists of a cycle, a swim and a run, and is a bundle of fun in the sun for everyone. Ages range from the newly born to the nearly deseased and is a great way to relax or spend some quality time with friends and/or family.

If you’re keen to compete you can sign up on the day (or on one of the three days) and know that all proceeds go toward a worthy, educational cause. Check out their website for more info and don’t forget to pack the 24+ sun-block.

Below is a video of last year’s aQuella Mudman challenge to get an idea of what it’s all about.

PS: I apologise profusely for the appalling quality of this video. It was one of the very first videos I ever made and therefore not very good. I like to think that’s its gotten better since then… Anyway it’s really just to give you a visual idea of what this ‘Mudman’ thing is all about. Okay? Okay. Good. Enjoy.

The aQuella Mudman Challenge


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