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Fallout New Vegas Game Guide Cartoon 0

Fallout New Vegas Game Guide: Part II

GAME GUIDE: For playing Fallout New Vegas on very hard difficulty in Hardcore mode. Fallout New Vegas weapons, crafting items, making money, combat tips and more

Games for Christmas: PC on Earth 0

Games for Christmas: PC on Earth

It must be tough explaining what a recession is to a child and arguing that Apple iPads and Xboxes just aren’t in Santa’s budget this year

7 ways games reward the brain 0

7 ways games reward the brain

Tom Chatfield gave a TED Talk about the benefits that games can have on the way the brain learns new information and responds to stimuli

Exergaming & The River Gym 0

Exergaming & The River Gym

While most games are not physically demanding, there is a growing market for exercise gaming, also known as “exergaming”


Future of online gaming

When we look at the future of MMORPGs, we think virtual reality. We dream about being able to lead another life where you are in control

Best Games of 2009 4

Best Games of 2009

2009 was a great year in gaming with titles such as Assassin’s Creed, Wolfenstein, COD5 and Fallout 3

Gamification: Fallout 3: A popular post-apocalyptic game that offers an experience of what a post-Word War 3 world might be like ... 0

Fallout 3 Tweaks and Tips

You know those pilot lights you pick up, usually from stoves? Well why not be able to attach these to your weapons using

Heroes of WOW 10

The World of Warcraft

I’ve scoured all the websites, forums and wikis dedicated to WoW and thought I’d share what I found regarding the game

EA Store Titanfall 0

Bandwidth Concerns Remain in Place for SA’s Online Gamers

The recent decision by EA to postpone the release of Titanfall in South Africa highlights an ongoing problem for the cyber-community A few months have passed since Electronic Arts South Africa were forced to...