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Jack the Ripper in KZN

VIDEO: Evidence has been found that suggests that the character known as Jack the Ripper once resided in the Dargle in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa …

Cars in the Park show 6

Cars in the Park show

The 33rd annual Cars in the Park show revs it up this month at Alexandra Park in Pietermaritzburg. Watch videos of the previous Cars in the Park expos

The Mudman challenge 0

The Mudman challenge

Details and a short video of the aQuella Mudman Challenge – an outdoors sports triathlon held at Albert Falls every year

Celebrating our cultural heritage 0

Celebrating our cultural heritage

VIDEO: As a build-up to Heritage month to be held in Durban in September, Pietermaritzburg hosted a cultural heritage parade. The aim was to identify various cultural youth groups in the area and bring together the diverse cultures of our country. It is hoped that this pilot project will become an annual event that Pietermaritzburg will host in 2010.

The art of African woodburning 2

The art of African woodburning

Using a paraffin-fueled blowtorch (which is more like a home-made mini flame-thrower), sandpaper, and simple chiseling tools, African artists have created some inspiring wood-burned artwork. The video below illustrates this art of woodburning.

A pilgrimage of dance 2

A pilgrimage of dance

VIDEO: Ancient Southern Indian temple dancers recorded in stone at sacred temples come to life as award winning dancer – Dr Anita Shanmuganathan and her team of husband and wife perform in front of the High Commissioner of India and other distinguished guests in an event held in Durban. Dr Anita Shanmuganathan earned a National Award for Best Dancer in India as well as the Tamil title “Bharatanatya Pracharamani” in 2002. Today she is one of the world’s most renowned spiritual dancers.

Witness This promo video 0

Witness This promo video

Multimedia is fast becoming the ‘in thing’ in the South African media industry. Media organisations that offer online content in the form of videos, podcasts and slideshows on their websites are getting a lot more traffic than those that simply regurgitate text stories with a couple of photographs.

Human cannonball 0

Human cannonball

Guinness World Record holder David Smith’s son – David (The Bullet) Smith Jr. blasts himself out of his family-made canon at the Royal Show in Pietermartizburg. The Bullet has been blasted high into the air over 5000 times and this was his fist show in South Africa.