Witness This promo video

PROMO VIDEO: A taste of the videos available on Witness This

MULTIMEDIA is fast becoming the ‘in’ thing in the South African media industry. Media organisations that offer online content in the form of video, podcasts and slideshows on their websites are getting a lot more traffic than those that simply regurgitate text stories with a couple of photographs.

The Natal Witness, although small, is gaining speed in the chase to jump onto the multimedia band-wagon. It’s currently getting a MyVideo channel professionally set up by Tristan Owen, and despite being¬†critically under-staffed, we endeavour to bring fresh video content every week for your viewing pleasure.

Below is a fast-paced, action-packed promo video of the sport, music, art, theater, news and entertainment videos produced for the Witness Online. It hints at what is already available and provides a taste of what is yet to come.

To see the full videos, and more, visit www.witness.co.za.

Witness This promo video:


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