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VIDEO: Interview with Watershed and clips from their Pmb performance

SOUTH African band Watershed trudged their way through KZN’s spring snow to perform in front of a Pietermaritzburg crowd on Saturday night. The temperature was low but energy levels were high, and after hearing the band’s performance I have gained new-found respect for Watershed. They really are one of SA’s top bands.

Watershed band video:

The band discusses the evolution of Watershed, what they’re all about, and what life as a touring band is like. (I apologise for the poor quality of this video – my camera really isn’t suited to filming at night and I’ve been out of practice for a while and am hence a little rusty!)

Interview with Watershed:

I’m off to the White Mountain Folk Festival later this week and will be bringing back video footage of that whole scene in the near future.

Until then,
Keep warm

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