Cars in the Park show

CARS: The 33rd annual Cars in the Park show revs it up this month at Alexandra Park in Pietermaritzburg

Over 7 000 people attended the 32nd Cars in the Park show last year, where over 1 000 cars were on display ranging from mean-looking Mustangs, to vintage Volvos, to antique Cadillacs. It was the most amazing gathering of hot and sexy cars polished to perfection that I have ever witnessed. This year’s show shone just as impressively as last year. Check out the videos below to get an idea of what was on display.

Cars in the Park 2009

Cars in the Park 2008

PS: The sh-boom song will be stuck in your head for at least a week.

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6 Responses

  1. Mags says:

    OK the nostalgia of it all got to me. Even the sh-boom sh-boom. Must make a detour sometime to my old home town. Thanks

  2. Galen Schultz says:

    I must warn you that “sh-boom sh-boom” will be stuck in your head for a good while. You may need to seek therapy as I did. I’m actually scared to watch the vid again for this reason! ;o)

    Which vid did you prefer? 2008 or 2009?

  3. Mags says:

    Sorry, can’t watch your videos here any more since Microsoft blitzed me with updates & I’ve been trying to sort it all out, downloading codecs etc. even reinstalling Windows 7 (which isn’t bad once you get used to it BTW) I think the prob is new security won’t let me watch here or on the Witness site BUT will allow me to watch on MyVideo!???
    To quote Arnie: “I’ll be back…”

  4. Galen Schultz says:

    Hmm, that sounds weird (being able to watch the same video elsewhere but not here). Does sound like a codec issue. Try download the latest package from the Microsoft website. Alternatively, Google: “video codecs”+”windows 7″+”download”+”free” Hope that helps!

  5. Mags says:

    Thanks, all sorted after disabling a browser addon/plug in, then got google toolbar back again with extra goodies.
    Prefer 2008 – were you more relaxed while filming or editing? Music’s better too. Larger variety of vehicles in the 2008. Still have to catch up on your others. Will click the links :-)

  6. Fran├žois says:

    I love the vid watched it over and over especially as my bike was featured prominently at the end. Thanx guys

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