Rubber Tyre Art: From Junk to Art

RUBBER TYRE ART: Rubber Sculptors Made From Old Tyres!

When you see on old tyre (or a piece thereof) laying on the road, I’ll bet the first thing that comes to mind is “look at that dirty piece of junk laying on the road! It can’t possibly serve any purpose to society now that it’s no longer attached to the wheel of a car.” Right? Well some artists think otherwise. Here’s what they make from scraps of discarded black rubber.

Rubber Tyre Art Collection

Tyre Horse

Tyre Horse

Rubber Tyre Art - Tyreger


Rubber Ram

Rubber Ram

Rubber Tyre Art - Tyreger Shark

Tyreger Shark

The Rubber Knight

Lord Tyre – The Rubber Knight

Rubber Tyre Art - A Tyred Elephant

A Tyred Elephant

Rubber Tyre Art - Sabre Tooth Tyre

Sabre Tooth Tyre

The Real Michelin Man

The Real Michelin Man

One man’s junk is another man’s … artistic material!

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