Naked Human Art

QUITE ARTY: Getting Naked in the Name of Art

The human body contains every shape found in nature. Some of these shapes may be our internal squishy bits, but the human form has always been of fascination to the art world. Think of all those naked Greek sculptures depicting the human form in all its biological glory. It’s also a great excuse to get people naked in the name of art.

The following naked pictures are credited to the IRP Group and illustrate just how many shapes can be achieved using cloned, nude humans. More of their work can be found at Visual Art by the Human Body.

Naked Human Art

Naked Human Art - Human Rose

Human Rose

Naked Human Art - Human Dandelion

Human Dandelion

Naked Human Art - Human Leaf

Human Leaf

Human Flower

Human Flower

Naked Human Art - Human Frond

Human Frond

Human Blossom

Human Blossom

Naked Human Art - Human Peppers

Human Peppers

Naked Human Art - Human Flowers

Human Flowers

Naked Human Art - Human Pollination

Human Pollination

Human Peacock

Human Peacock

It’s quite easy to understand why the human body has been such a centerpiece throughout history and the art world after seeing these images. The video linked to below is another illustration of just how arty we can get with our bods.


Galen (name), meaning: "Curious One". A lover of language, human ingenuity and the forces of the universe. Hugely drawn towards the mysterious and unknown. Regular laughter and escapism essential.

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  1. john says:

    I was worried that these wouldn’t be safe for work! hehe. It’s amazing how creative people can be. Do you know more about how they made these photos? I would be interested to know.

  2. Galen says:

    True dat. I would also like to know. One can only assume that it involved a lot of PhotoShopping! Are there any artists here in the know?

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