Edgar Mueller 3D Street Art

EDGAR MUELLER 3D Street Art that will blow your mind!

The great Edgar Mueller is a master street artist who uses chalk and the street as his canvas to create the most amazing 3D artworks. Working together with up to five assistants, Mueller paints all day long from sunrise to sunset.

Mueller says his inspiration comes from the British Pavement  Picasso Julian Beever, whose dramatic but more gentle 3D street images have been featured in the Daily Mail and several other British publications.

I wanted to play with positives and negatives to encourage people to think twice about everything they see, says Mueller. I like to think that later, when they return home, they might reflect more on what a frightening scenario it was and say, “wow, that was actually pretty scary”

– Edgar Mueller

It’s really difficult to convince your brain that the following 3D street art is drawn on flat surfaces!

Edgar Mueller 3D Street Art

Edgar Mueller 3D Street Art - Crevasse

Mueller spent five days, working 12 hours a day, to create this 250 square meter image of the crevasse, which, when viewed from the correct angle, appears to be 3D. He then persuades passers-by to complete the illusion by pretending the gaping hole is real.

Edgar Mueller 3D Street Art

Another infamous Crevasse by Edgar Mueller.

Edgar Mueller 3D Street Art - Ice Canyon

The artwork above appeared on the East Pier in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland as part of the town’s Festival of World Cultures.

Edgar Mueller 3D Street Art - Waterfall

Edgar Mueller 3D Street Art – Waterfall

Edgar Mueller 3D Street Art - Hell Unleashed

Edgar Mueller Hell Unleashed

Edgar Mueller 3D Street Art - Chinese Fisherman

Edgar Mueller Chinese Fisherman

Edgar Mueller Street Art - Waterfall Gorge

Edgar Mueller Waterfall Gorge

Edgar Mueller 3D Street Art - Underground Cave

Edgar Mueller Underground Cave

Edgar Mueller 3D Street Art - Earths Core

Edgar Mueller Earth’s Core

Edgar Mueller 3D Street Art

All images credited to the amazing Edgar Mueller!

Pretty amazing stuff!


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