Learn the South African National Anthem the ABC way!

Want to learn the South African National Anthem? It’s as easy as ABC!

Nando’s has done it again with a controversial advert relating to 2010. It goes something along the lines of “buy some family chicken value meal and get the lyrics to the South African national anthem absolutely free!”

A nice incentive I thought.

Then they completely ruin it by saying, “so even as a white person you too will feel right at home.” WTF!? That a) assumes that white South Africans don’t know their own national anthem and b) that white South Africans shouldn’t already feel at home in South Africa. Jerks.

Anyway, here’s a much more controversial-friendly, and very easy way to learn the SA anthem if you don’t know it already. You’ll see that it’s as easy as ABC.

Learn the South African National Anthem


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