Inspirational Quotations for Life

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTATIONS: Inspirational Words from the Wise

Words have the power to make us heal and grow. They also have the power to start wars and make little Susie cry in the corner. But good, inspirational quotations for the better part help to shape our world and can move us deep down in our dark, squishy centers. In this rat race of life, sometimes we need to bend down and smell the geraniums. Life is a bloody brief candle, and if we can’t think of anything to inspire us, we can always turn to the inspirational words of others.

Inspirational Quotations – Food for Thought

Inspirational Quotations for Life - Wake Up

Inspirational Quotes – Waking Up (image:

Inspirational Quotations - Growing Up

Inspirational Quotes – Growing Up (image:

Inspirational Quotations - Happiness

Inspirational Quotes – Happiness (image:

“When you have to make a hard decision, flip a coin. Why? Because when the coin is in the air, you suddenly know what you are hoping for” – Matthew Francis-Landau

Inspirational Quotations Travel

Inspirational Quotes – Travel (image:

Inspirational Travel Quote

Inspirational Quotes – Traveling (image:

Inspirational Quotations Compassion

Inspirational Quotes – Compassion (image:

“There is something that can be found in one place. It is a great treasure which may be called the fulfillment of existence. The place where this treasure can be found is the place where one stands” – Martin Buber

Inspirational Quotations Believe in Yourself

Inspirational Quotes – Believing in Yourself (image:

Inspirational Quotations Don't Judge Others

Inspirational Quotes – Don’t Judge Others (image:

Inspirational Quotations Laugh and Let Go

Inspirational Quotes – Laugh & Let Go (image:

“All pain and suffering that is non-physical, is all in the mind. Therefore learn to forgive and let go – and alleviate yourself of unnecessary suffering” – Buddhist Dharma



Galen (name), meaning: "Curious One". A lover of language, human ingenuity and the forces of the universe. Hugely drawn towards the mysterious and unknown. Regular laughter and escapism essential.

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