Clever Street Art

CLEVER STREET ART: Some Real Street Talent to Inspire

When it comes to 3D street art, in my opinion there is no greater artist with more street cred than Edgar Mueller. His artworks will convince you that you are about to fall into the depths of the earth and send that near-death tingly feeling shooting up your spine. It’s quite eery at times.

But there are other street artists out there that try to follow in the master’s footsteps. I have huge respect for those who can transform a dull, crumbling wall into something beautifully abstract or surreal. I’ve also always wondered how skillful artists view the world in general. I can’t help but believe that their neurons are somehow wired differently, and that they perceive the world quite differently from us “normal” folk. Perhaps we need to examine their art carefully to better understand their worlds.

Unfortunately I can’t say where the following street art originated from. I don’t even know who the street artists behind these great works are. Who art thou? I received the below artworks via email. All trace of their origin seems to have been lost and the street artists themselves were too humble to add their signatures to their works…

Clever Street Art

Clever Street Art 1 Clever Street Art 2 Clever Street Art 4 Clever Street Art 5 Clever Street Art 6 Clever Street Art 7 Clever Street Art 8 Amazing Street Art Clever Street Art 11 Clever Street Art 3

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  1. Gareth says:

    I dig the Edgar Mueller one, really does give you a tingly feeling, pretty much all of them are pretty good.

  2. Galen says:

    I’ll say. I’m sure you’ve already seen my Edgar Mueller collection? Linked above. Never gets old really!

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