Where the Hell is Matt 2012

HAPPY FRIDAY VIDEOS: Where the Hell is Matt 2012 Video

I have something very special for you today. If you have been wondering where the hell Matt Harding has been since his Where the Hell is Matt 2008 video, well he’s back! Back with a new colourful dance rendition from around the world.

Matt Harding has trekked half the globe and danced with different peoples from around the world. If ever you feel that your faith in humanity is somewhat dwindling, give one of his videos a watch. If you’re not a robot, you might just be reduced to tears. It really is moving stuff.

So without any further ado, here is Where the Hell is Matt 2012. Try watch in full-screen if you can – the quality really is top-notch. Enjoy!

Where the Hell is Matt 2012 Video


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