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MUSIC: Das Spiegel music video by The Chemical Brothers

THERE are very few songs that give me goosebumps, but lately I have come across a few musical gems that instill feelings of euphoria within my dark, squishy center. Das Spiegel by The Chemical Brothers is one of them. It takes some time for the song to build up and really kick in (about 3mins in), but it is one that you can actually appreciate having stuck in your head.

The accompanying music video for Das Spiegel is a little weird, which is possibly in true Chemical Brothers fashion, but the tune is timeless. Give it a listen and I’ll let you decide for yourselves. Enjoy!

Das Spiegel by the Chemical Brothers

This song got me through a three hour traffic jam the other week. Sitting in stationary traffic when it’s 37 degrees outside is no fun, but I have never been more grateful to have aircon and good music. This song really helped too. I was actually having quite a good time while other people were literally hanging out their windows and panting with their shirts off.

Tensions on the highway were high. This one bicep-enhanced guy in a tank top even got out his vehicle and tried to moer a truck driver! I assumed he had being bumped while moving three feet every ten minutes. People who traveled between Durbs and Maritzburg last week might know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I’m assuming that Das Spiegel has finished playing now. So? Wasn’t that great!? Yay or nay? Big ups to the Chem Bros for this great track! Das Spiegel FTW!

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And here’s a little (censored) quote from one of their fans:

The Chemical Bros will go down like an artist who doesn’t get the appreciation they deserve until everyone has missed the opportunity to see them do sh*t like this live. I know that overseas from where I am, the love never stops for these guys, but here in the States, people just don’t f*cking get it.

Most amazing musical artists of my life … end of argument. This song (Das Spiegel) is f*cking incredible by the way, and yet again, they find a way to add another dimension to a song when it’s live.


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