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Open Education 2

In Support of Open Education

I have a dream – an idea for an open education system which I often bring up in discussion. I encourage whomever is willing to listen to play devil’s advocate

Why teachers drink 0

Why teachers drink

Why teachers drink: when someone approaches maths artistically the results can be magic. This kid is clearly going to be a great artist one day…or a stripper

Gamifying Education 0

Gamifying Education

Some exciting ideas are starting to surface which involved introducing gaming into the classroom — making education more fun and engaging. Again it is no solid science, but a few schools have started implementing such ideas into their teaching techniques and have started to see positive results.


Incentive to work

What incentive would people have to work in a moneyless society whereby machines replaced servitude?

Future by Design A World Without Money 14

A World Without Money

A world without money, laws, unemployment, pollution, crime and unnecessary human suffering …