Search for SA’s Gadget Genie

In celebration of the launch of mobile voice, MWEB is on the look out for South Africa’s first-ever Gadget Genie

THE Gadget Genie campaign is an effort to demystify technology in a fun and funky way and aims to show consumers how they could enjoy the benefits of web 2.0 and the latest cellular gadgets.

During the course of the campaign MWEB representatives will hit the streets of SA to interview ordinary citizens about their greatest technology woes.

So If you know your Wi-Fi from your WiMax and your Bluetooth from your Blu-Ray, visit before November 16 and try your techno-ledge on the Geek-O-Meter to stand the chance of winning great prizes.

Post-winner-announcement plans include a series of ‘agony aunt’ blog entries and educational blogs where the Gadget Guy or Girl will explain and demonstrate solutions to these problems, and in doing so, help demystify technology for the nation.

Who qualifies as a Gadget Genie?
The Gadget Guy or Gadget Girl is incredibly Internet and tech-savvy and proud to be called a geek! He/she understands all models of cellphones intimately, can sync their laptop with their cellphone in a matter of seconds, can connect to the Internet via any cell, and realises the power of the Internet by finding innovative ways to help you get online info quicker.

The Genie will be the ultimate person to help guide the average user through the maze of cell and Internet options.

  • Post-winner-announcement activities will depend on the Gadget Genie’s availability.

Issued on behalf of MWEB

Link: Test your knowledge on the Geek-O-Metre

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