Photo manipulation

PHOTOSHOP: Photo manipulation at its best

IT’S amazing what people can do with photography software such as Photoshop. I remember doing a crash course at varsity whereby we were given a photograph of a newspaper lying on a desk. The task was to create a glass sphere on top of the paper from scratch. The final orb magnified the print behind it, cast a realistic shadow and had a beam of light shining through it.

The photoshop workshop only took 45 minutes, but I couldn’t even begin to recreate something like that if held at gunpoint. Fortunately others can and always impress with their photo manipulation skills. Check out these peculiar works.

Photo Manipulation

Bumble Dog

Clown explosion


Iron Man

Smoke on the water

Egg Heads

Rising ink

Shattered arms

Falling letters

Water painting

Vertical Turn

Soccer peas



Pencil Muncher

Chicken Dog

Nosey Pete

Face punch

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