Fallout New Vegas Game Guide: Part II

GAME GUIDE: Playing Fallout New Vegas on Very Hard Difficulty in Hardcore Mode

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Fallout New Vegas Game Guide: Weapons

There is a great arsenal of weaponry available in Fallout New Vegas. However, it isn’t wise to carry more than just a few weapons at a time. I generally prefer handguns and rifles over heavy artillery and generally keep one handgun, one shotgun, a rifle and an assault rifle or machine gun at my disposal.

It is important to learn what ammo you need for each weapon and to carry enough of it. If you have collected other ammo that doesn’t fit your guns, break these down at a reloading bench and try and create more of the ammo you need for your favourite gun. If you’ve chosen lead over energy weapons, microfusion cells are still useful for collecting and selling later.

Fallout New Vegas Game Guide: Crafting Items

This is one of the best aspects of Fallout New Vegas. There is a plethora of items that you can make from wasteland junk – some of which are essential for survival.

Once your medicine level reaches 40 you can start making healing items; when your explosives skill reaches 50 you can start making time bombs; and when you science and survival skills pass the 50 mark you can start creating all sorts of chems and goodies at a campfire.

Learn what ingredients you need to craft each item you think might be useful and store these until your skills are at the right levels. Stash them in a safe or footlocker or get a trusty companion to carry them for you.

Making Money in Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas gives you the chance to make it big and spend it all on guns, armour, enhancements and more gambling. What’s great is that there is always something to blow your caps on, unlike Fallout 3 where you often ended up sitting on a pile of bottle caps.

The casinos are where you can strike it big playing blackjack and roulette, but there is a game that can be played fairly early on to make some extra dough. The game’s called Caravan, which does take a little getting used to but can be a lot of fun. You will need a minimum of 30 cards before you can play and you will need to seek out merchants who know how to fold em.

Fallout New Vegas Game Guide: Combat Tips

Fallout New Vegas Game Guide DeathclawEveryone will have their own combat style, but if you’re playing as a gun nut with a high explosives skill, I would recommend the following.

Keep an eye on your compass for red markers as you explore the wasteland. Once spotted, sneak up as close as you can to assess the situation and see what you’re up against. Determine which direction the enemy will come charging when spotted and place a mine or two in this spot. Take some drugs (preferably jet and psycho), crouch down and go for a critical hit.

Let’s assume that the creature is the fiercest of them all – namely a Deathclaw. Funnel the creature to where your explosives are placed and throw a grenade or stick of dynamite just before said Deathclaw steps on your explosives. Boom! You want to try and cripple the enemy before they can get close.

If still alive continue to pump the creature with lead. Use you VATS to assess which areas are in critical condition and take it out! Be warned that playing Fallout New Vegas on very hard difficulty and in hardcore mode can be really tough early on. But give it a bash by playing strategically and the the rewards and good times will follow.

Please feel free to add any game tips or suggestions you may have!


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