Nike iPod Sport Kit

DIGITAL SHOE: Nike iPod Sport Kit

Yet two more global brands have joined forces to bring you the latest in integrated sport and fitness technology. Apple and Nike have released the Nike iPod Sport Kit, which allows your iPod nano to become your personal coach as it tracks your distance, time, pace and calories burned in a workout. However, this is only after you connect your iPod nano to your shoe – preferably your Nike + shoe.

I bet Forrest Gump would have appreciated this:
Nike iPod Sport Kit (image:

Although people are devising ways to integrate the idea into their old – smelly yet favourite – running shoes, the Nike+ shoe is specifically designed to ‘talk’ to your iPod nano:

“[A] wireless sensor is placed in a built-in pocket inside the insole of the shoe while the receiver is plugged into the dock connector on your iPod nano. As you run or walk the sensor automatically sends information to your iPod nano during your workout.”

The sensor in the shoe uses a sensitive accelerometer to measure your activity before transferring this data wirelessly to the receiver on your iPod nano. And there’s nothing preventing you from simultaneously listening to music during a pleasant afternoon jog …

  • Average retail price for the Nike iPod Sport Kit: $29 (R359 in SA)

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