Intelligent Advertising

A fine selection of intelligent adverts

There’s something very pleasing about intelligent advertising and adverts, whether these be a poster or a TV commercial. Most people consider adverts as invasive and mute them whenever they come on, while others are suckered into buying just about anything that’s thrown at them.

I often find myself completely oblivious to what adverts are trying to sell me – rather focusing on what subtleties they have employed to appeal to people’s human desires. These are usually quite obvious – the major ones being sex, fame, beauty and prosperity.

My favourite ads are the ones that take the piss out of the blatant methods of advertising and offer us something clever, tasteful and humorous. Those are the ones we remember and make you rush out to buy their product at a store near you. Strange … I have a sudden urge to drink Heineken …

Intelligent Advertising

Intelligent Advertising

Ad for Geeks – very clever!

Funny Pedigree Advert

Pedigree – for strong dogs

Clever WWF Advert

WWF: 15km2 of rain forrest disappears every minute

Funny Durex Advert

Durex – XXL

Intelligent Advertising


Intelligent Advertising

Post-it – never forget a name again!

Intelligent Advertising

Plumber with a sense of humour

Intelligent Advertising

BIC – makes your face smoother than things that are really smooth

Sexy Heineken Advert

Heineken – may contain adult content

Intelligent Advertising

Tractors – getting old gits laid since 1912

Intelligent Advertising

Heinz – keeping food sexy

Intelligent Advertising

Volvo – For life

Funny Viagra Advert

The power of viagra

Wasn’t that great!? Big-ups to the minds behind these designs – whomever they may be. Such products deserve attention when advertised so creatively.

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  1. Cathy says:

    Galen! LOL. Brilliant ads, funny is so memorable.

  2. Gareth says:

    I like the ad for geeks :-p

  3. Galen Schultz says:

    That is a great one. My favs are the WWF one and the ad for post-it. Oh how I loled :)

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