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INTELLIGENT ADVERTISING: A collection of clever poster adverts

DO they still make those top-adverts-from-around-the-world shows? You know, the one where they showcase the top 100 adverts from around the world. I don’t watch much TV these days, but those shows were great fun.

I remember the earlier ones consisting of a lot of European adverts. The German ones tended to be quite raunchy. Some were banned because of their suggestive natures. What surprised me is that there were only ever one or two South African adverts in the mix.

South Africa tends to be rather good at intelligent advertising. We have the Nandos ads that never fail to amuse and even Marmite advertising tends to be tasteful. Here’s a small video collection of ‘Extremely funny ads you’ve never seen before’.

Humour goes a long way in advertising and I personally prefer good poster ads that are not only funny but intelligent. Below is a select few. They may not be South African, but the good humour remains intact.

Intelligent Advertising

Grannys Fries

Sugar free candy


Comedy Central


Che - Men's Magazine

Ear plugs



Nikon - detects faces

Wide angle lens

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