Sitting on Planet Earth in Relative Safety

COSMOLOGY POEM: Sitting on Planet Earth in Relative Safety

I paid another visit to the Planetarium recently. I was so inspired that I wrote this cosmology poem.


That incredible Feeling
That every Planet plays its part
That everything is as it should be
That we are all being lovingly watched over by something Awesome…

Jupiter soaking up deadly solar rays and asteroids
The Moon guiding the tides of our life-bearing oceans
The Earth’s Core that keeps us warm
The loving embrace of our great Atmosphere…

Volcanoes dishing up the soup of Life
The Winds regulating our diverse seasons
The dust of exploding Stars that brought us to planet Earth
Gravity holding us tight, never letting go…

Surely we ought to attribute all this to something even greater?
Perhaps not.


If you share an interest in the awe and mystery that is our Universe, I invite you to read some of my cosmological articles. Many of these came to me from the Director of the Cosmology Section of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa. Anyway, here’s a link list for your perusal.

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