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PHUN PHOTOGRAPHY: Yearbook yourself is a free-to-use, flash-animated website that allows you to create your own, stylish high school yearbook

THE popularity of the American high school yearbook never really took off in South Africa, at least not for my generation. We were simply squashed together according to grade by an overly-enthusiastic photographer with hairy nostrils, who had the habit of always taking the picture as you blinked or were caught looking slightly to the left.

The class photos in my collection are so small that you can’t even make out your classmates’ individual quirks, such as Cindy’s pimples or the naughty glint in Jason’s eye. Some of the pre-pubescent faces in my earlier class photos are so difficult to make out that I’m not even sure if they were my friends, or if I knew them at all. I certainly wouldn’t recognise them in the streets today.

If you feel that you missed out on an opportunity for yourself to be pasted in your fellow matriculants’ yearbooks and be remembered forever, you can now do it online. With a little imagination and creativity, you could digitally create an entire yearbook of all your former classmates, whether you matriculated in the ’50s or the ’90s. Here’s a little taste of what you can create with Yearbook Yourself:

Yearbook Yourself 2008 Gallery

My yearbook is a free-to-use, flash-animated website that allows you to do just that. The site has pre-created portrait photographs in the style and taste of each particular decade. There is even a catchy tune that plays in the background of each era. All you have to do is paste your own face (or those of your ex-classmates) into the models provided!

You also have the choice of creating a female yearbook yourself – with the most popular women’s styles and clothing representative of each decade of white, middle-class American popular culture.

Yearbookyourself re-launched this year with new “Student Life” and “Student photos” sections. So it’s finally time to get stuck back in and get creative with our photographs. Yearbook Yourself really is a great resource for creating birthday cards, fun posters and cool Facebook profile pictures.



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