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White Mountain Folk Festival

I wanted to share my little videos highlighting the White Mountain Folk Fest for anyone who is considering going this year

Blogger’s Greatest Hits 1

Blogger’s Greatest Hits

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Poi People 2

Poi People

Poi instructor Aunty Yo describes the history and origin of this colorful technique as her students demonstrate the art of poi

White Mountain Folk Fest 2009 1

White Mountain Folk Fest 2009

Video highlights of the White Mountain Folk Festival, plus what some people had to say about the family-friendly event


White Mountain Folk Festival

White Mountain is an intimate, family-friendly folk festival held at White Mountain Lodge near Giant’s Castle in South Africa every year

White Mountain festival videos 1

White Mountain festival videos

The White Mountain folk festival is an annual event that takes place near Giant’s Castle in the Central Drakensberg region of Kwa-Zulu Natal from 24-28 September. If you have been to Splashy Fen before this is basically a mini-version of that whole scene, only with more acoustic-type music and more of a family vibe. This was the third White Mountain festival and the event seems to be growing in popularity. I highly recommend it and suggest booking accommodation in the lodge if you’re not the camping type. It is during the rainy season after all