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Online Gaming in South Africa - MWEB GameZone 0

Online Gaming Trends 2012

While South African online gaming is still lagging behind when compared to Europe & the US the SA gaming community is still experiencing double digit growth

The Steam Platform 13

Steam Rises to Power

Steam has fast become the Google of the gaming world, reaping in an estimated R3.1 billion in revenues through June. For all its benefits there are often errors


Future of online gaming

When we look at the future of MMORPGs, we think virtual reality. We dream about being able to lead another life where you are in control

Heroes of WOW 10

The World of Warcraft

I’ve scoured all the websites, forums and wikis dedicated to WoW and thought I’d share what I found regarding the game

EA Store Titanfall 0

Bandwidth Concerns Remain in Place for SA’s Online Gamers

The recent decision by EA to postpone the release of Titanfall in South Africa highlights an ongoing problem for the cyber-community A few months have passed since Electronic Arts South Africa were forced to...

DotA – A noobs guide 6

DotA – A noobs guide

DotA game hints, tips and useful information regarding experience, items, game modes, dotA lingo, and maps. DotA is probably one of the most addictive games