Dream: The Hand of God?

ANCESTORS: My calling to become a white sangoma

MANY moons ago was my old man’s 60th birthday bash. We had set up a large screen to display the opening game of the Soccer World Cup – Bafana Bafana vs. Mexico. The game was intense but the party was terrific!

I had wondered off around the side of the house where we have a large swimming pool sitting in icy silence. All that could be heard was the festive sounds of laughter, bonfires and friendly chit chat. I somehow managed to fall into the frozen waters of our swimming pool with a silent splash. I was drowning in the pool’s icy clutches and honestly thought I was going to die.

I inhaled a few liters of chlorinated water before I lost the last of my breathe to what was to become my watery grave; but just then, a huge hand lifted me out of the water and I found myself sitting safely on a cloud … talking to God.

God told me that it was not my time to die and that I still had much to do with my life on Earth. He explained that there were people I would meet along my journey who needed my help. God further explained I still had much to offer in the way of helping others on Earth.

I was placed back on the soil with an incredible gift. God had blessed me with perfect health and clarity of mind. I could never get sick or mentality side-tracked. This was to aid my purpose of helping my fellow human beings.

This was the dream I had about a week after my dad’s party. After recounting the dream to my fluent Zulu-speaking girlfriend, she told me that this is a very common theme in Zulu culture – a dream interpreted as a calling from the ancestors for me to become a sangoma!

I have always had an interest in dream analysis but never thought that my dreams would cross cultures. I have no immediate plans to become a sangoma anytime soon, but I certainly found this God dream quite interesting.

Anyone ever had a similar dream?

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2 Responses

  1. Uncle Savage says:

    I’m guessing that the dream you had is not only common in the Zulu culture so i’m pretty sure you could easily interpret it as a calling to be a doctor, shaman, lawyer,man of the cloth etc. – anyone who helps others really. Good sign … better than my dreams of flying into stuff.

    But you would look way cooler as a sangoma though!

  2. Flying dreams mean that your subconscious is at complete peace of mind. They’re awesome to have and are quite rare! You been on top form lately? Not too sure about the crashing into things part though ;)

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