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Car Guard Song Parody Video 4

The Car Guard Song (Parody Video)

Granted that not all car guards are as dedicated to looking after our four-wheeled friends as our hero, The Car Guard Song has a lot to do with presumptions

The Movember Song 0

The Movember Song: Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues

Movember has begun! Ready, set grow! The boys who brought us Braai Day and the South African Car Guard Song have created another parody video to tickle our funny bones. Here’s The Movember Song by the sickeningly talented Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues!

How Fairy Tales Really End 0

How Fairy Tales Really End

What would happen in these fairly tales in the real world: Aladin, Beauty & the Beast, Sleeping Beauty and the Little Mermaid

Backstreet Boys parody 0

Backstreet Boys parody

My fellow Rhodents and I managed to reach celebrity status with our Backstreet Boys parody that wet the pants of many viewers young and old