Which Tablet is Best for Gaming?

TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Best Gaming Tablets 2014

There is a huge range of tablets on the market and the prices are falling rapidly. Many seven inch tablets are selling for commodity prices, some of the cheapest ones are around £50. Generally they don’t have particularly good displays and they have relatively small amounts of memory, but if you want them for playing online casino games at a site like http://www.luckynuggetcasino.com, or some of the less demanding app based games then they are fine.

Which Tablet is Best for Gaming?

Which Tablet is Best for Gaming? Best Gaming Tablets 2014: Tesco Hudl Tablet (image: www.technobuffalo.com)However, if you also want them for watching videos, taking pictures and so forth then they are a little limited. For the best gaming tablets, You might be better off at aiming at one of the more expensive tablets such as the recently released My Tablet from Argos or Tesco’s own tablet the Hudl. The Hudl costs £119 and My Tablet is £20 cheaper.

While low budget tablets are fine for many things, when it comes to graphic intensive computer games that need specialised graphics processors and super-fast main processors then you will need to head up market. To run games such as roulette and the online slot machines, excellent graphics are needed to ensure the gamer gets the best experience possible.

So Which Tablet is Best for Gaming?

Which Tablet is Best for Gaming? Best Gaming Tablets 2014: Nexus 7 Tablet (image: blogs.computerworld.com)Currently at the top of the list for best gaming tablets 2014 (for playing high-end games) is the new Nexus 7. Prices start at around £200 for the base tablet with 16 GB internal memory, but you will pay a little more for the 32 GB model and even more if you want 4G connectivity, the basic models only have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Although this is more than twice as much as you would pay for a mid-range seven inch tablet it is worth it if you take your gaming seriously.

The iPad mini 2 will cost a similar amount of money when it is finally released, but currently delays are being reported so it might not be launched until 2014. However when it does arrive it will be at least as good as the nexus and probably even better as it will have a full HD retina display.


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