What We Learnt from the Successful England Cricket Team this Summer

England won the Cricket World Cup for the first time in history on July 14th in front of a charged 30,000 crowd at LORD’S and an estimated TV audience of 8 million Britons. It was a sweet victory after a 4-year investment in tactics and warm-up matches that saw England beat Pakistan in a 5-match series. The focus was on the ODI (one-day international), which was preferred this time over the famous five-day test. By July, England had risen to be the top-ranked team in the ODI rankings, and a date with New Zealand was here.

Probably, only a few would have bet on England with https://www.betway.co.za/sport/cricket/int/world_cup/ as they secured a famous win even after struggling to match New Zealand’s 241 runs on a tricky pitch, and here, we look at five of the most important lessons from the England team.

England know the perfect pitches

A few factors stood out from the famous win. England has grown to be tactically flexible over the years. It is alleged that, as the day progresses, pitches get drier and flatter, making them more predictable and therefore easy to bat on. During matches in which England won the toss, they opted to bowl in the first innings most of the time, where the team bowling first increased its chances of winning by 55 percent.

Outstanding performances from top stalwarts

England had four stalwarts to thank, as each one of them recorded better performances compared to their previous engagements. Mr Roy on his part bettered his last bats by 22 balls per dismissal, and also scored quicker than in the 2015 World Cup. Other top performers were Ben Stokes, who had more balls than ever before, Liam Plunkett and Mark Wood who gave away much fewer runs than before. The marked improvement for these four performers could not be ignored, given, New Zealand were no pushovers. At some point, bookmakers such as Betway had tipped New Zealand to go all the way.

The Selection of Jofra Archer

Jofra Archer is born to a British father and a Barbadian mother, but prior to the big tournament, Archer only qualified to be a British citizen by residency. There is no doubt he had shown his potential in the foreign T20 leagues, and if England had not snapped him up at the right time, probably the trophy would not have come home. That is the power one man can do. At only 24, Archer is destined for greatness in the cricket scene. At the just-ended World Cup, only 2 players managed more wickets than him making him the standout English bowler. To cap a great tournament, he delivered the famous ‘super over’ to give England the trophy.

Luck was on their side

Injuries, weather, unpredictable pitches and bounces, and questionable umpire decisions are factors that cricketers have to deal with. On this occasion, England had luck with the majority of the scenarios. Case in point, England benefited from a bizarre moment of magic where Stokes managed to win his team 6 more runs when they had only three left when they needed nine. Some of the umpire decisions had to be made a day after match day in favor of England. They were prepared on their part, but luck smiled at them too.


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