Why teachers drink

HAPPY FRIDAY: What drives teachers to drink

IF you’ve ever taught kids before, you or your fellow teachers are likely to have come across something like this before. Some of these test answers indicate artistic minds at work or supreme logical thinking. There’s never a dull moment in the classroom, but many teachers use results like these as their excuse to drink. Enjoy!

Logical Thinker

This kid should honestly get full marks for his/her logical approach. Ask a general question and get a general answer; be asked to name something and that’s what you do. Well done kid!

Date Rape

This kid may just have been bored or perhaps has problems at home.

Heartless Giraffes

This is a perfect example of lateral thinking. The only thing wrong is possibly the choice of the word “heartless” as giraffes actually have one of the biggest hearts in the animal kingdom.

Read and Complete

This kid deserves his/her zero mark. It doesn’t even make that much sense. Most teachers wouldn’t find this funny and should award the dunce hat to the author. Stay in school kid.

Future Artist

Let’s face it, mathematics is not for everyone. But when someone can approach something mathematical in an artistic way, the results can be magic. This kid is clearly going to be a great artist one day… or a stripper.

Death threat to teachers

This was a risky one. Let’s just hope that getting caned was banned at this school at the time of illustration. A good example of why teachers drink.

Logical Thinking

And the winning answer has to go to this kid for their supreme logical thinking. Teachers faced with an answer like this one should definitely award some marks for this kid’s logical approach!

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