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Travel Indonesia Blog: Singapore Airport Enchanted Garden 0

Travel Indonesia Blog Chapter 1: Getting to Bali

TRAVEL INDONESIA BLOG: A Month in Bali and Gili Trawangan I was so over-eager to get on the plane that I was first in line. But after getting the silent treatment shortly after ticket...

Locavore Restuarant, Ubud. 0

Travel Indonesia Blog: Welcome to the Jungle!

TRAVELING INDONESIA: A Month Spent in Bali and Gili Trawangan Stephane is a 20 year old, talkative French sports fanatic who is studying English in Perth. He has the calm nature of a poet....

Magic Mushrooms in Bali 1 0

A Frenchman, a South African & a Balinese Sat on the Beach

TRAVEL INDONESIA BLOG: Magic Mushrooms in Bali (Kuta Beach) We arranged to meet Andri later on the beach after showers and supper. With my new french companion I finally found the confidence to have...