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Smart Dust 0

Smart Dust

What smart dust is able to do is create a large invisible network that, in theory, would be able to manage the infrastructure of large cities

Brain Builders 4

Brain Builders

Neuroscientists are confident that within the next 10 years they will be able to construct an artificial brain


Automated Governance ?

IT was predicted that in the year 2010 planes would consist of a single pilot and a dog. The job of the pilot would be to feed the dog; the reason for the dog is to bite the pilot if he or she touches anything. Many people have developed a genuine fear that artificial intelligence could one day take over the world if it got too advanced and somehow became self-aware.

Future Archaeology 0

Multi-billion dollar gaming

Decades from now, cultural historians will look back at this time and say it is when the definition of entertainment changed forever

Your finger or your life! 0

Your finger or your life!

Finger scanning technologies are likely to become an integral part of everyday lives just as keys, bank cards and passwords are today